About Us

The public, in general, whether starting an exercise program or fine-tuning their body, have faulty movement patterns. These patterns can cause musculoskeletal pain and possible injury. Pilates can help prevent these patterns as well as help resolve them.

Pilates to Fit will design a Pilates exercise program to fit your needs. Our instructors are educated through PHI Pilates and are Pilates Method Alliance certified teachers who can help you resolve these patterns and encourage healthy movement habits.

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What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1940s. Formally known as “Contrology,” the Pilates’ method is based on the following principles: Control, concentration, centering, precision, breathing, alignment, flow, and integration. By incorporating and practicing each of Pilates’ principles, clients will experience an overall improvement in their mind, body, and spirit.

What should I wear?

Fitted clothing is preferred, as this will allow us to better evaluate your posture.

How many times per week should I do Pilates?

Joseph Pilates recommended clients attend sessions two times per week. However, even if you attend just one session per week, you will see results.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?

Pilates exercise will increase muscle mass, thus increasing your metabolism. Attending Pilates sessions alongside a balanced diet will assist the client in losing body fat. Pilates will also assist the client in developing muscle memory through the exercise program designed for you, thus improving your posture and overall appearance.

Will Pilates help with back pain?

Pilates will improve your overall core strength, as well as universally balance your muscles. By improving and increasing strength in back muscles, as well as overall flexibility, Pilates will assist in decreasing symptoms related to back pain.

Are the teachers certified?

All of our teachers are educated by PHI Pilates and certified by Pilates Method Alliance.